Distance and reflectance sensors

Yozh robot has several built-in sensors.

Reflectance array

In the front of the robot, there is an array of 7 down-facing reflectance sensors for detecting field borders, following the line, and other similar tasks. It uses ITR9909 sensors by Everlight. The sensors are labeled A0 (rightmost) through A6 (leftmost).

Reflectance array

Distance sensors

Yozh also contains a front-facing board with two VL53L0X Time-of-Flight laser distance sensors by ST Microelectronics. These sensors have maximal distance of 2m; reliable sensing distance is closer to 1.5m. Each sensor has 25 degree field of view; this leaves a very small “blind spot” immediately in front of the robot, but provides complete coverage enabling the robot to detect any obstacle placed between 15-150 cm away.

These sensors can be used for obstacle avoidance, object tracking, or other similar purposes.

Front view