Yozh has two ports for connecting servos. To control them, use the commands below.


Sets servo 1/servo 2 to given position. Position ranges between 0 and 1; value of 0.5 corresponds to middle (neutral) position.

Note that these commands expect that the servo is capable of accepting pulsewidths from 500 to 2500 microseconds. Many servos use smaller range; for example, HiTec servos have range of 900 to 2100 microseconds. For such a servo, it will reach maximal turning angle for position value less than one (e.g., for HiTec servo, this value will be 0.8); increasing position value from 0.8 to 1 will have no effect. Similarly, minimal angle will be achieved for position = 0.2.

Warning: please remember that if a servo is unable to reach the set position because of some mechanical obstacle (e.g., grabber claws can not fully close because there is an object between them), it will keep trying, drawing significant current. This can lead to servo motor overheating quickly; it can also lead to voltage drop of Yozh battery, interfering with operation of motors or other electronics. Thus, it is best to avoid such situtations.